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In the information age, where computer technology and the internet have seemingly taken over the world, the printed message is alive and well at Inserts East in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

In fact, business for the company has been exploding. In order to meet the current demand for its existing client base and new customers, Inserts East has purchased another 36″, 8 unit heat-set web press that will be in full production by July 2014.

The new installation will complement the existing 24 units of 36″ Heidelberg heat-set press lines and 4 units of Goss 50″ web presses. This brings the total capacity to 36 printing units and 9 in-line folders.

Inserts East is a family-owned and operated commercial printing company that specializes in printing newspaper inserts and direct mail advertising inserts. The company also provides other print solutions and complete graphic design services for its clients.

Its client list boasts some of the largest retail corporations, both regionally and nationally, that serve the grocery & food industry, furniture & bedding markets, sporting goods, drug stores, arts and crafts, auto, consumer electronics and more.

Inserts East operates on a 24/7 work schedule to provide around the clock production coverage for its customer base in a 150,000 square foot facility with additional offsite paper storage. The plant’s close proximity to Philadelphia, Delaware, New York and New England makes Inserts East an attractive plant for its retail customers who require tight turnaround times for their advertising products.

Nick Maiale is President and CEO of Inserts East. According to Mr. Maiale, there are many reasons for the success of Inserts East. “First and foremost we have never lost focus of our niche market and core product offerings,” said Maiale.

Our mission statement: Provide customers with a superior product and exceptional customer support. “We have continued to hire the most talented folks in our industry to join our team of professionals” explains Maiale.
Capitalizing on the recent plant closures of local printing companies and the consolidation of a national conglomerate, Inserts East was able to hire men and women in key positions such as our newly appointed Director of Operations, Human Resources Director, and Environmental Health and Safety Director.
The new press and expansion will add 30 new jobs to Inserts East, bringing the total full-time employee count to 200 plus. “These people are the best, hardest-working, dedicated men and women in the business.” “I am proud to know most of them on a personal level as well,” Maiale expressed. “I have worked with many of them for over 30 years in the printing business. I have watched their children grow up and in some cases come to work for the company where their mothers and fathers started learning the trade decades before them.”
It is true that the way people receive their news and advertising information has changed. However, there is still a heavy demand for print media. Inserts East’s quality production of its customers’ printed products ultimately drives their retail businesses.


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Nick Maiale, President and CEO, alongside new installation of 8-unit press.

The father-son team of Gino (seated) and Nick Maiale have cultivated Pennsauken NJ based Inserts East.