Recycling & Sustainability
Inserts East believes the best environmental solutions are those that are sustainable. We recognize the importance of diverting waste from landfills by recycling. Our recycling program is an important part of meeting our company’s sustainability goals and environmental commitments.

We recycled over 9 million pounds of combined paper and cardboard waste and over 70,000 pounds of aluminum. Inserts East also voluntarily recycles plastic, aluminum and glass beverage and food containers since our host township does not provide that service for corporate centers.

We have set higher goals as we expand our recycling program to include paper waste from our main and pre-press offices.

In addition, we have introduced lead and alkaline battery recycling, eliminating potentially hazardous materials from the waste stream. Furthermore, fountain solution totes, empty drums and used oil generated during plant operations are recycled as part of our comprehensive waste management program.

Our Facility Operations Team recycled over 1000 fluorescent lamps as part of our retrofit program designed to meet our energy efficiency goals.